Barbara H. Smith

What I discovered is, that the authors in this book are not only bringing healing messages to others, but found their own kind of self-healing by writing their stories. It's has been simply magical! Even though these women have seen their share of obstacles and obstructions, they've used them as opportunites to grow and overcome. Their struggles truly became their strength.

It took courage for the authors in Empowering You-It's Your Time to trust me to help them share life's hurts and heartaches. To be vulnerable and still share their unique yet similarly stories.  Thank you authors, for trusting me with your precious memories to complete this phenomenally powerful book.


Dr. Ruben West

If you know someone who is looking for steps to getting back up after being knocked down, those steps are in this book. If your looking for strategies to overcome personal setbacks, deceit, and batrayal, they are in this book. If you are or someone you know needs inspiration, empowerment, and/or motivation, it can be found within these pages.

Join these brave, transparent, authors on this journey to personal accountability, self-discovery, and awakening. They have gone through the fire and are now committed to EMPOWERING YOU!

Don't wait. Take action. Continue reading. Not only is it the right time; IT'S YOUR TIME.

From left to right:  Darlene Ramseur, (Me-Theresa Haskett), Ella M. House, Gloria Henderson, Coach Barbara H. Smith, Shani Smith, L. M. Blizzard, Dr. Terri James, Carla Murphy, & not pictured Winnie Joy!